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Norbert Perez

"A Visionary Icon"


Shelly Ann Santiago

Staff Writer

December 7th, 2009



PACIFICTIMES (Pacific Times Magazine): Hfa Adai, Mr. Perez. How are you today?

NORBERT PEREZ: Hfa Adai Shelly.. I am well. Thank you for asking.

PACIFICTIMES: And how is (Graciela) Mrs. Perez? Is she enjoying the weather and the beaches on Maui?

NORBERT PEREZ: You bet. And she is fine, too. Maui is so beautiful, especially this time of the year.

PACIFICTIMES: I am so glad that you will be spending the holidays with us here in Hawaii.

NORBERT PEREZ: We are too. My son Andrew will be here Christmas Day for a Basketball Tournament in Kona. After the games, he will spend a week with us in Honolulu along with Sonny and his family.

PACIFICTIMES: Great. Will you be returning to Washington DC after the holidays?

NORBERT PEREZ: Yes. I expect to be in Washington until the end of February 2010. We have a planned seminar for Homeland Security, which Grace and I will host.

PACIFICTIMES: There is a buzz that you will be returning to the islands instead of a permanent stay in the DC area. It this true?

NORBERT PEREZ: It is. Grace and I were in DC in October and we honestly could not stand the hustle and bustle of big City life. Sure we enjoyed the shopping, the museums, the fine arts and the restaurants but that gets old after a while.

PACIFICTIMES: So does that mean that both of you will become residents of our aloha state?

NORBERT PEREZ: I'm afraid so. Grace needs to finalize some family matters in Panama before joining me on Maui.

PACIFICTIMES: That will be neat. Do you guys have plans what to do?

NORBERT PEREZ: Well, we met this Princeton University professor while in DC and she offered us some remarkable ideas. She happens to be one intelligent and talented character.


NORBERT PEREZ: Of course. It's quite funny. When we told her that we owned 7-regional web magazines, she went totally bonkers. She asked if we realized the power we wield through these publications? She reiterated that infamous quote how the 'pen was mightier than the sword'.

PACIFICTIMES: The pen IS mightier than the sword and can be extremely profitable, too. Look at Rupert Murdoch.

NORBERT PEREZ: Anyway, she advised us to work the magazines full-time, promoting our beliefs, our ideals, and our philosophies to the entire world. Of course, I agreed with her completely but convincing Grace was a major hurdle. She is the BOSS and her decision is the law in our home.

PACIFICTIMES: From the outside looking in, let me tell you. You are such an inspiration for many in the islands. Look at the Guam Award, The Ancient Order of the Chamori. I remembered it being called The Ancient Order of the ChamoRRI. Why was it changed? Simply because it was wrong all along. Stupidly Wrong. Your cultural arguments and your websites opened-up a can of worms which made our people more self-conscious.

NORBERT PEREZ: I'd like to believe that Shelly.

PACIFICTIMES: Well it is true, Mr. Perez. Your Guam Jokes: U Might B from GUAM. Sure many on Guam are critical. But the jokes are TRUE. I visit the site all the time and I find them to be honest, funny and amusing.

NORBERT PEREZ: Thanks, Shelly. A lot of the local people hate the jokes...calling them demeaning and unfair. I get emails telling me so. But the jokes are symbolic of the negative traits and habits that our own people have adopted throughout the centuries. Making fun of our people is not my favorite menu, but I do what I have to do to strengthen their resolve.

PACIFICTIMES: I admire you very much, Mr. Perez. Remember that PDN Letter To The Editor you oped about the Taotaomo'nas and how folks on Guam, Saipan, Rota & Tinian believed them to be evil spirits? Remember how you blamed the suruhanas, the suruhanus, the missionaries and the church? You don't know this but KUAM did a feature story on it and brought in Father David Quitugua to respond to your accusations. So although you were in Panama, you still impact our a very big way.


PACIFICTIMES: Absolutely. And that PDN letter you posted regarding the military buildup. Boy...that article brought huge criticisms locally and abroad. You were correct, however in calling Guam the island of Beggars and EVERYONE knew it. Whether we like it or not, hearing the truth (black or white) hurts.

NORBERT PEREZ: You're telling me. I got so many phone calls and emails decrying my posture and how I was pushing our island to the brink of bankruptcy. I had nothing to do with Guam's financial woes. I have been away for Eleven years. How can they blame me for the government's incompetence and the lack of leadership?

PACIFICTIMES: Well, we brought it all upon ourselves. We continue to elect the same corrupt and incompetent people.

NORBERT PEREZ: Thanks Shelly. I appreciate you support and candor.


PACIFICTIMES: There are many on Guam who are hopeful that you'd come home and save us but.....I beg to differ. I am of the opinion that you were born for bigger and much greater circumstance. Because of your work on the ancestral remains; your healing chant line; your language network and your children's legends, you are quite popular and appreciated in Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand and many Pacific islands. You assisted in getting their remains returned by the Bishop Museum; you highlighted their languages; you put meaning into their chants; and you planted some beautiful myths into their cultures. You are AWESOME....and I salute you. At any rate, did your professor friend convinced Grace?

NORBERT PEREZ: Certainly. She is now more Gungho than I am.


PACIFICTIMES: Really? That is fantastic. So what is next for the Chamori-Panamanian connection? (excuse my punt)

NORBERT PEREZ: That's funny, Shelly. Upon completing our Seminar in DC, we hope to sell our Homeland Security Program. A host of parties from the International market have expressed interests but we need to be cautious about selling High Technology secrets to foreign companies and governments. Our attorneys are researching the laws regarding intellectual property rights; proprietary information and restrictions. Telepathy, Telekinesis, Infrared and other advances may fall under the intellectual property rights provisions requiring federal approval.

PACIFICTIMES: Simply remarkable. Anything else?

NORBERT PEREZ: Grace and I have already laid out a plan to shore-up our Magazines, worldwide. Arabia Times Magazine heads that list in our agenda.



NORBERT PEREZ: Well, I am so intrigued by the on-going Peace Process in the Middle East and I hope to weigh-in to assist in that endeavor. Why? Because Arabia Times Magazine is based out of Lebanon and I am sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinian and Jewish peoples.

PACIFICTIMES: I see. Will Mrs. Perez be actively involved?

NORBERT PEREZ: Grace will have her hands full. She will pioneer the new Ms. George Magazine and the new Jolita Amerika Magazine. Ms. George is our Women's forum and Jolita Amerika is our South American Voice Network.

PACIFICTIMES: Don't you also own Europa Times Magazine? China Democrat Magazine? And Kiwi Times (NZ) Magazine?

NORBERT PEREZ: Yes. We own them and they will be re-vitalized, as well.

PACIFICTIMES: What kind of changes can we expect? And what time frame?

NORBERT PEREZ: The Seven Magazines, including Pacific Times, have been in existence since 2000 and gave us an electronic presence on the Internet. Many of the articles, the pages, and the formats have remained essentially the same due to the lack of storage space. We plan to purchase several large computers so we can establish our own ISP, our own servers; our own URLs and go interactive. Hopefully by June 2010, we can finalize our equipment modifications with an overall network cut-over.

PACIFICTIMES: Fantastic. What do you mean by Interactive?

NORBERT PEREZ: We plan to incorporate sounds and videos into our magazines to make them virtual and alive. These are necessary to afford us Interactive advertising, which will be the source of our revenues.

PACIFICTIMES: I don't understand. Can you offer us some examples?

NORBERT PEREZ: I can try. The other day, I was explaining to Grace what virtual will mean. Since she will be directing Ms. George and Jolita Amerika Magazines, we will send a Video team to record the native dances and costume wear of the Natives in Panama, Peru and other locations. We can Stream-Live these videos through our magazines. Or she can showcase photo libraries of women attires worldwide. Or we can Stream-Live the secret of tying a sarong or wearing a thong.

PACIFICTIMES: Don't they do that with NBC, CBS and ABC?

NORBERT PEREZ: They do and they don't. Remember these Media are News Organizations. We are not. Magazines are much more in-depth with their coverages.


NORBERT PEREZ: Additionally, we hope to showcase and highlight movers and shakers around the world through a global forum.

PACIFICTIMES: Isn't that being done by other publications?

NORBERT PEREZ: Yes but we plan to interlink our sites for a wider audience.

PACIFICTIMES: Interesting but unique.

NORBERT PEREZ: I think so and we are so excited.

PACIFICTIMES: What are you doing now to meet those goals?

NORBERT PEREZ:Right now? Nothing. We want to relax and enjoy special moments with our family. The new adventures happen after the holidays.

PACIFICTIMES: Kool. You know, I learned from Regina that you may be a candidate for Mayor of Maui County in 2010. Is this vibe in your future?

NORBERT PEREZ: Well, the idea is still an option. Supporters and friends here on Maui have organized a grass-root team to explore that possibility. Many folks here and around the State are looking for change. They are not wanting a so-called POLITICAL LEADER, they are wanting a FACILITATOR.

PACIFICTIMES: What does that mean?

NORBERT PEREZ: They are wanting someone who can bring people together for the common good.

PACIFICTIMES: Is there a chance that you might get elected?

NORBERT PEREZ: Well that all depends on how we organize and how we structure our campaign. According to some of my team members, a well-organized core movement with a well-defined political goal (something similar to the Obama campaign) can work. Most importantly, something equating the Hi-Tech magic that Representative Ron Paul of Texas introduced.


PACIFICTIMES: Wasn't he that Republican Ph.D. from Texas who ran for President?

NORBERT PEREZ: One and the same. He was so Kool with the younger crowd that he managed to collect $millions in contributions through the Internet. Besides we love his web site and we plan to incorporate some of his programs.

PACIFICTIMES: Well, since I live in Lahaina, you have my vote and my support.

NORBERT PEREZ: Thanks Shelly. But please note that this political endeavor is still in its infancy and may not translate into reality.

PACIFICTIMES: I know. But tell me....if the elections were held this very minute, how many votes can you muster?

NORBERT PEREZ: You mean right now?


NORBERT PEREZ: Well, I have lived here over Two years and have made many, many friends. I have helped many people too. If the elections were held today, I could probably secure around 2000 votes island-wide, especially from Lana'i and Moloka'i.

PACIFICTIMES: That's alot. I think when Mayor Tavares was elected, she only garnered 12,000 votes. So you're at a terrific starting point.

NORBERT PEREZ: Yes. And with some advertisements and house-to-house campaigning, we could add more to that figure.

PACIFICTIMES: I agree. How exciting. What Maui restaurants do you frequent?

NORBERT PEREZ: Well, for breakfast, we usually eat at Tasty Crust in Wailuku. They have their World famous Banana Pancakes. Yummy yum-yum.

PACIFICTIMES: I love those pancakes, too. How about lunch or dinner?

NORBERT PEREZ: Well, I have lived here for over two years and I usually visit my Compadre, Ray Rivera. He and his lovely wife, Iva, live in Kahului. Depending on what we have a taste for that day, I normally shop and we cook at Ray and Iva's place. We call this the Chamori Impromtu Fiesta.

PACIFICTIMES: That's kool. So let's say you have an inkling for Chicken or Shrimp Kelaguin, you just buy the ingredients and cook em up there?

NORBERT PEREZ: Yep. Sometimes, we have dinner there. In any case, I would cook up some Ham Hock and Mongo Beans and bring it there. Sorta like Pot Luck, Chamori Style.... And it always turns out to be a party.

PACIFICTIMES: Are there any other folks from Guam living on Maui?

NORBERT PEREZ: You bet. Quite a few and we get together regularly....and sometimes at a beach. You know, for Liberation Day, for Thanksgiving, etc.

PACIFICTIMES: Name some....

NORBERT PEREZ: Well, there's Mary Peredo who works at Hawaii USA and there's Bernie San Nicholas Cruz who is the Principal at Christ Chucrh Catholic School in Kahului. Then there's Sister Angie and Sister Candie from St. Theresa Church in Kihei. Many, many others.... There's Fred and Jenny Gutierrez who own a place in Kihei. There's Shawn, who is the son of Veronica Jones (Veronica Way in Jonestown); grandson of Ken Jones of Guam's J & G Enterprise.

PACIFICTIMES: Wow. More than enough for a Party or Gupot, right?

NORBERT PEREZ: More than enough and many more folks that I haven't identified.

PACIFICTIMES: Just wanted to inform you that Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz recently introduced a bill calling for a special election to determined if the People of Guam truly want the Military buildup. Don't you find that odd?

NORBERT PEREZ: Not especially. Whatever the results, it is welcomed news for Democracy on Guam. It might be a referendum too late but the Senator has the heart and best intentions for our people. I applaud him for doing so.

PACIFICTIMES: Again, I should emphasize that your opinions about the buildup may be a telling point. Don't you agree?

NORBERT PEREZ: I thank you though I do not agree.

PACIFICTIMES: Well, it sure looks that way. Remember your letter printed in the PDN about Telemedicine and how you pushed for it 10 years ago? It seems to me and many others that you are a man ahead of your time; an intuitive person; a seer; a visionary. We had a person once just like you and he was former Governor Ricky Bordallo. No wonder the connection with Debbie.

NORBERT PEREZ: Many want to believe that but I don't.

PACIFICTIMES: It has to be. Your Taotaomo'na Chant Line which you introduced over 15-years ago is quite popular and worldwide too. Your Language Programs, again introduced over 15-years ago are big on the web. And of course your myths and your magazines. What more can I say?

NORBERT PEREZ: Thanks but....

PACIFICTIMES: Here is my take on this, Mr. Perez. You are indeed, an intellectual visionary. Often times, you shock people. No. The operative word is 'SCARE'. Most normal folks welcome your views though some would characterize you as 'CRAZY' or 'KADUKU'. It usually takes many years later before they acknowledge your talking points. It is the same story for all of the world's great minds.

NORBERT PEREZ: If you say so.

PACIFICTIMES: You are always above the fray; far ahead and pioneering. You seem to always be at the leading edge. Sorry that our people did not appreciate your talents and your ideas. Sorry that we did not espouse your views to showcase our island as a world destination and a leader. Sorry that we could not see beyond our noses to realize the visions you delivered. I remembered your Cable TV interview with Debbie about the Royal Wedding. I remembered you saying that your idea of an island fairy tale was not John Wayne and his bride galloping off into the sunset in a horse; nor was it Sleeping Beauty and her Prince Charming. I can understand you wanting to create our own Fairy Tale and frankly, you did. Sorry that our people were not smart enough to comprehend the values and the dignity you perpetuated. Sorry that our people could not understand the honor and the pride you wanted them to own.

NORBERT PEREZ: Thank you Shelly.

PACIFICTIMES: No. Thank you Mr. Perez. Thank you for the opportunity to interview you. You are the most purposeful and remarkable leader of our times. History will define you as much more and will surely grant you the greatest credit of all. ...As a true Maga'Saina.

NORBERT PEREZ: Again, thanks and best wishes for the holidays.

PACIFICTIMES: Have a blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.



1050 Bishop Street, Suite 200, Honolulu, HI 96813