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Ancient Chamori Funeral Rites

The ancient people of Guahan practiced two distinct kinds of funeral ritual. First, they had a ritual called: Sinilo'Utak, which is a burial at sea and offered only to the adult males of the clan. In this ritual, the deceased is interred in a proa (boat burial) and sailed off. The proa is lavishly decorated with flowers. Baskets filled with fruits, baked fish, dried fish, and cooked food are placed in the proa to sustain the man's spirit on his long journey.

The other funeral ritual practiced by the Taotaomo'nas is called: Sinilo'Hinafot, which is a burial on land. This type of burial and funeral ritual is rendered only to the females of the clan and young, adolescent males. The remains are always interred underneath their Latte Stone dwellings.



The ancient people of Guahan also practiced a third kind of funeral ritual, known as Sinilo'Acho'. This burial was never spoken about since it was TABOO and reserved specifically for the ManAchangs "low caste" or slaves and the Taotao Nano' or dwarfs, elves or duendes. There were no ceremonial prayers, chants or rituals associated with this burial. Evidence of this burial were uncovered when human remains were found inside a cave in Tinian and Guahan.

Taboo!  Taboo!  Taboo!

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