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blank.7_small.gif (9329 bytes)       Greetings.
I am Laila Tovre and I recently joined the Bring Our Ancestors Home Foundation. I never knew that the Bishop Museum in Honolulu had ancestral remains taken from my island of Tonga until Mr. Perez pointed it out to me.

I am very proud to be a member of this Pacific organization. As islanders, we hold strong regards and respect for our elders. The bones of our ancestors must be brought home so their spirits can rest in peace. It is our sacred obligation and duty, as descendants, to BRING OUR ANCESTORS HOME.

    If you are interested in becoming a member of our pacific forum, please click below and fill out our simple application form. There is no membership fee or membership due.

Thank you very much.

Newest Foundation Members...
*Jesse P.M. Santos - San Diego, Cal.
*Lynn Flores - Piti, Guahan
*Paul Mesa - Honolulu, Hawaii
*Edwin Borja - Korror, Belau
*Vicente Quichocho - Talofofo, Guahan
*Rudy Flores - Orlando, Florida
*Lenny Peredo - Morristown, NJ
*Elizabeth Bordbar - San Diego, Cal.
*Laila Tovre - Tonga Islands
*Jennifer Tomitani - Honolulu, Hawaii
*Antonio Charfauros - Tamuning, Guahan
*Frank Naputi - Talofofo, Guahan
*Carlos B. Pangelinan - Barrigada, Guahan
*John V.M. Perez - Augusta, Georgia
*Mae B. Perez - Augusta, Georgia
*Jose P. Quitugua - Austin, Texas
*Prepidigno M. Terlaje - Maina, Guahan
*Vicente M. Cruz - Ordot, Guahan
*Jose Reyes - Chalan Kiya, Saipan CNMI
*Ray Basa - Saipan CNMI
*Jennings W. Bunn, Jr. - Agat, Guahan
*Hayden Burgess - Honolulu, Hawaii
*Dave Torres - Raleigh, NC
*John M. Cruz - Long Beach, Cal.
*Manny B. Perez - Chaot, Guahan
*Tano' Jess Rivera - Chalan Pågu, Guahan
*Donna Cruz - Mangilao, Guahan
*Ray Quitugua, Jr. - Mangilao, Guahan
*Mike Flores - Sinajana, Guahan
*Jesse B. Perez - Mangilao, Guahan
*Marciano S. Catahay - Barrigada, Guahan
*Rito Santos - San Diego, Cal.
*Steve Terlaje - Maina, Guahan
*Glenn Cruz - Agana Heights, Guahan
*Cliff Cruz - Ordot, Guahan
*Fay Pohaikawahine Graef - Citrus Heights, Cal.
*Tony P. Rabon - Barrigada, Guahan
*Trini Torres - To'to, Guahan
*Shelly Gibson - Yigu, Guahan
*Lynne Terlaje - Maina, Guahan
*Frances Aquino - Portland, Oregon
*Janet Delgado Pereira - Texas
*Marsi Bontoc - Honolulu, Hawaii

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